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SERVICES Repair service
Replacement poles will be provided by EXEL. 9 repair stations are located along the course:
1⁄4 Zuoz, Start and Km 53: Willy Sport, Zuoz
1⁄4 La Punt, Km 4 and Km 48: Colani Sport, La Punt
1⁄4 Bever, Km 7 and Km 45: Waxstation J. Padrun, Bever
1⁄4 Samedan, Km 16: Fähndrich Sport, Pontresina
1⁄4 St. Moritz, Km 24,5: Suvretta Snows- ports, St. Moritz
1⁄4 Pontresina, Km 35,5: Pontresina Sports
Wax service
5 wax stations are located along the cour- se. This service is sponsored by TOKO and is included in the race entry fee. You are kindly asked to prepare your equip- ment before arriving at the start. You have the opportunity to have your equipment professionally prepared in any of the regi- on’s numerous sport shops.
On the route you will find 7 sustenance support stations for La Diagonela and 3 stations for La Pachifica. At La Cuor- ta there is 1 stations. The stations are manned by the schools of the Upper-En- gadin. Their situation is identical to the re- pair stations (excluding La Punt).
Lost and Found
The Lost and Found area during the race day is located at the ski depot near the fi- nish area.
On Sunday the items can be found at the cross-country skiing centre in Zuoz and from Monday onwards they will be in the office of La Diagonela at Quadratscha 18 in Samedan.
Registration fee
Included in the registration fee:
1⁄4 Sustenance on the route and pasta at the La Diagonela festival after the race
1⁄4 Public transportation in the
1⁄4 Upper-Engadin (Maloja-Zernez)
on the day of the race
1⁄4 Transport of personal belongings from
the course start to the Lyceum
Alpinum Zuoz
1⁄4 Certificate for finishers and participa-
tion in the La Diagonela festival after
the race
1⁄4 Heated shower facilities and ski-de-
pot after the race
1⁄4 SMS service for participants
Starting blocks
Classification in the starting blocks will proceed according to self-assessment of participants. The elite starting places are decided by the race direction. The follo- wing starting blocks are available:
1⁄4 Ambitious (ranked in Top 25%)
1⁄4 Very well trained (ranked in Top 50%) 1⁄4 Athletic with potential
(ranking in Top 75%)
1⁄4 Enjoys cross country skiing
Start procedure
The elite start first, followed by the recrea- tional participants. The recreational parti- cipants will be divided into starting blocks.
Broom wagon
A broom wagon will be in service. The schedule can be requested from the event secretary.
Heated rooms will be provided at the starting area in Zuoz.
Showers / changing room
The heated showers / changing rooms are located at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz.
Ski depot
Participants can deposit their skis at the schoolhouse Zuoz following the race.
We recommend you to use the train and not to come by car to Zuoz. There are few parking possibilities. The instructions of the police officers have to be followed.
In the village of Zuoz there is a shuttlebus the whole day.
Finish closure
The finish line closes at 17.00.
First-aid stations are located along the course.
Baggage Transfer
Each participant receives a bag for their personal belongings. This can be deposi- ted at the start. Bags with personal belon- gings will be transported from the starting area of La Diagonela / La Pachifica and can be retrieved at the baggage depot located in the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.
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